Coffee shops are the most versatile place there is - for me. It is a place where people usually meet first before heading someplace else or a place for a good old informal meeting/ one on one meeting with a client. It is both a professional and non professional sanctuary.  But what I love most about coffee shops are those who are enjoying their books, people studying or working and most of all, the lovers. They sit there and chat all day about more things that makes them fall in love more with each other or the instance that they actually met in a coffee shop. A coffee shop is not just a place for coffee, always remember that.
“I saw her walk in the coffee shop looking for a place to sit. She had her hair on a messy bun, wearing a sweatshirt and some ripped jeans. She saw the seat in front of me empty. She asked me if it was taken, I said no. She had the most angelic voice. She gave me the sweetest smile and went off to the counter. That’s when I knew she was the love of my life.”

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