First let us define what a rebound is. A rebound is someone who is used as a replacement for a recent heartbreak. That’s as far as I go. There’s no way to say it more bluntly. It’s just the way it is. But this is what I want you to know… you are not worthless. You are not chosen to be a rebound just because. Being a rebound is actually a good thing. I know, I know it sound weird and unusual to actually think that being a rebound is okay. But before you close this page and say this is bullshit give me your benefit of the doubt and let me just convince even just a little bit.

Okay? Okay. Here are the positive sides of being a rebound.


After being in the deepest darkest pit of a heartbreak, they (rebounder) finally get up on their feet, pull themselves together and got back to the marketplace of dating. And guess who was there? You. You knew that they were vulnerable and you were brave enough to take that risk of mending their broken hearts. You were willing to go through everything just to make them better while expecting the pain you knew was coming.

Thus leading us to number two..


Since you are there when they were fragile and hurting, showing them how much they’re worth and giving them what they deserve and how much they’re a loss to the other party, they are now motivated and inspired to be a better version of themselves. At first for the wrong reasons but as you go along the road and continue to show them their worth, they come to their senses that changing for the better isn’t for the other party to regret but for them to actually see their worth and strive harder for a better version of themselves.

Now that they see how awesome you are, they now start to reciprocate what you’ve been doing. They motivate you and inspire you. They start to be sweet and put more effort into you. It would be the best thing in the world. But there’s a borderline.


Sometimes it works from here on but sometimes it doesn’t. If it works then thank You, Jesus! But if it doesn’t, here’s the usual case. They start to realize that they’re not the one for you, that you deserve someone better than them even if you tell yourself a hundred times that it’s not true. It’s gonna hurt a a lot – believe me it will. But it’s gonna be okay. You know why?

The answer to that question is also known as number four or…


Now there are two cases: a.) After the breakup with the other party, they went to the dark side and decides to rebel – to rebel in a sense that they will flirt/play with whomever they please and do whatever bad/wrong things possible – or in layman’s term, they just went full on beastmode or b.) They would isolate themselves from the rest of world and decided to live in their own shell.

What people usually understand about being a “game changer” is only applicable for letter A but being able to change their state in letter B is also a big thing. Being able to bring them out of their own world and back to reality. Which is actually harder since in letter B, they usually shut down all doors and windows. It’s easier to lead someone to the right path from the wrong path than leading someone to the right path that’s not in the path at all. Get me?

Being the game changer means defying their “wrong” ideas about something, making them do better than they already are. Being a game changer in the “rebound” situation means changing the whole perception of relationships to them and making them better and ready – ready to be the best for the right one and you helped them be that, be the person someone has been waiting for all their life.

So that my friends, is why being a rebound is okay. It will hurt at first but you will realize in the latter part that, hey, I helped someone be the better version of themselves and they made me a better version of why.


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